Local Marketing: Is that really needed?

My usual bottom line is the bottom line; if we’re doing something that isn’t helping our business, then we shouldn’t be doing it.  This is sort of a digression from the way I live my life, in that if I’m doing something that isn’t helping my walk with God, then I shouldn’t be doing it.  But let’s not digress… There are many reasons for a website. Perhaps you want to use it as a reference; maybe you’re a local event planner and you promote in-person at events, gatherings, etc., and do direct mailings to businesses and private parties interested in your services.  You need a place to refer those prospects for more information, pictures of your work, pricing, etc.  And a phone number.  You don’t need e-commerce, you don’t need a 5,000 page website pulling in content from the world about “event planning.”  Your focus is your...

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