Local Marketing: Is that really needed?

My usual bottom line is the bottom line; if we’re doing something that isn’t helping our business, then we shouldn’t be doing it.  This is sort of a digression from the way I live my life, in that if I’m doing something that isn’t helping my walk with God, then I shouldn’t be doing it.  But let’s not digress…

There are many reasons for a website.

Perhaps you want to use it as a reference; maybe you’re a local event planner and you promote in-person at events, gatherings, etc., and do direct mailings to businesses and private parties interested in your services.  You need a place to refer those prospects for more information, pictures of your work, pricing, etc.  And a phone number.  You don’t need e-commerce, you don’t need a 5,000 page website pulling in content from the world about “event planning.”  Your focus is your backyard and frontyard, and how your community impacts you — and vice versa.  A simple website will do, along with a linking campaign to insure top search engine placement for your local keywords.

Perhaps you are a local giftshop who is tired of netting five cents on the dollar with high rent, payroll expenses, taxes, etc., and you want to expand your market beyond your local borders.  You WILL want to increase the size of your website.  In this case, I recommend narrowing your niche if you’re going to expand your reach.  You can’t punch the side of a barn.  Focus, focus.  Do some research on your keywords to see about your competition on a national level, and that will inform you as to how many links you’ll need to create to compete successfully.  Page count is a factor; hundreds if not thousands of pages related to affiliate products, products you are actively selling, and information about those products, is recommended.  Do NOT post fake reviews on products you have never seen or used.  It’s not only unethical, but lame!

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