Top Reasons to Align with the Right Marketing Partner

With the rapid pace and competitive nature of today's work place it's important to align your business needs with the right partners. The goal is a synergy within your companies branding or "brandwidth" as we declare. Experiencing the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors seems to be an evolving process that ends up costing companies needlessly to get the perfect continuity that represents your company. Let E3 Image group take a proactive approach to reaching your marketing goals. With that being said here are the top 4 reasons - in no particular order - that E3 Image Group is the right Business Partner to align your company with. #1 Marketing E3 takes an outcome-based approach to your needs by working back from the results you desire. We group our capabilities around areas of expertise that help you reach very specific goals. #2 Design For over 6 years our firm has developed...

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Introducing 24-Hour Emergency Design!

E3 Image Group has been providing award winning creative design within Southern California since 2009.  We understand the time and resources involved in simply . E3 continues to expand it's brandwidth and value-added services within the creative design field.  So, with an overwhelming request we are excited to launch our new E3 Image Group Express design services. Are you tasked with updating the companies current marketing collateral, but don't have the time or resources to complete within the needed time frame?  Let E3 Image Group ensure all marketing collateral remains in line with your premium brand image without the overpriced cost of the top creative design firms. Contact one of our account managers to learn more @ 949-429-4488....

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10 Food Packaging Translations We DIDN’T Do

Translation packaging isn’t easy, especially food packaging – we should know because we have done our share of packaged products. These guys have got it so wrong its funny, but could you imagine your product on shelf saying something stupid in a different language? Nor could we, give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you. For now… here are the top ten disasters we’ve seen this week. In no particular order… Biscuit Anyone? Interesting Target Market It says its a classic? Peruvian Man Goo Pass the Nachos! Fancy a cuppa? (erm, no thanks) Guaranteed fresh No idea what this is? Are they nuts? Last but not least   If these failures in design start to make you think about how seriously your business takes translation, maybe you should take a look at our retail packaging solutions for companies.   Click Here to find out more ...

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Clients from Hell

As I continue to run this small, but nation-wide, marketing firm we get to experience all sorts of client mishaps. We find constant humor in the fact that many companies haven't updated their marketing since Reagan was fighting the cold war, and come to us to help bring in younger consumers, since their current customers tend to be retirees. After going through six weeks of writing drafts, making edits, and getting approvals, we were finally ready to start posting - only two weeks behind schedule. A few days after we started posting content to their channels, we get a frantic phone call: Client: All of the Facebook posts you’ve made need to be deleted, immediately. Me: OK, we’ll pull everything down now. What seems to be the problem? We thought everything had been approved. Client: Yes, but we decided that the messaging was too off-brand. It sounds too “young,”...

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A Game Made for Graphic Designers

Years ago last century when I was communications manager at a consumer electronics company, my boss used to call Charly Lemega “that gray designer” because he always managed to use 402 Gray in every job he designed for us. Then Charly outgrew his gray period and developed a fondness for 032 Red, which to him is the most wonderful red he’s ever seen. He didn’t use it on everything, but you knew he loved it. Now he is passionate about 123 Yellow. Never try to engage Charly in a discussion about using 035 Red instead of 032, or try to sneak it by him. He’ll know. The guy’s color perception is like a dog’s sense of hearing. Very keen and nuanced. That brings me to “1000 Colours,” a CMYK color gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1,000 pieces. Each tile is an individual color and the object is...

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Your Company Culture: Why it is Important & How You Can IMPROVE IT

If you asked your employees right now what it’s like to work at your company each day, how would they respond? Do they feel like they work in an environment that supports their goals and ideas? Are they provided the appropriate resources to excel at their jobs? How would they rate their managers? You may wonder why company culture is so important. Only three out of ten U.S. workers are involved in and enthusiastic about their workplace, according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report. That means that 70% of workers are not fully engaged in their workplace. This lack of commitment leads to decreased productivity and lower overall profits. If this is a reality check for your company, take a moment now to get an honest look at your organizational culture. If you haven’t tried the new Culture Audit Tool, it’s a free member...

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Creative and Innovative Packaging Solutions

Beautiful packaging designed by talented people from around the world helps make sales and protects valuable products during shipping. Cookie Stove Packaging Delicious cookies packaged inside of a cardboard stove. Brilliant packaging designed by Saturday Mfg for Thelma’s Treats. R2-D2 Pizza Box Star Wars inspired R2-D2 pizza boxes designed for Domino’s Japan. Penguin Juice Penguin inspired juice packaging designed by Mats Ottdal for Birdy Juice. Happy Eggs Packaging Eco-friendly egg packaging made of hay. Designed by Maja Szczypek. Breakfast Cereal Packaging Beehive Honey Squares cereal packaging designed by Lacy Kuhn. Paper Passion Perfume Designed by Geza Schoen, this perfume captures the unique fragrance of freshly printed books. It comes hidden inside of a real book. [more info] Pistachio Nuts Packaging Clever packaging designed by Maija Rozenfelde. The shape and opening mechanism was inspired by the pistachios themselves. Coca-Cola Sharing Can Innovative can designed by Ogilvy & Mather splits into two smaller cans. Fish Packaging Modern packaging designed by PostlerFerguson. Fresh fish is packaged...

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3 reasons why social media should be a key part of sales activities

We live in a world of change Incredible as it may seem, the first mobile phone call made in the UK happened as recently as 1985. Nowadays it is unthinkable that a sales person would be able to operate with out a mobile phone. LinkedIn launched in May 2003. Twitter started up in March 2006. Google Plus only went live in June 2011. For many sales people, social media networks such as these are as important as a mobile phone. They would not achieve the same sales results without these networks. Social media is now a vital sales channel. Here’s why sales people should embrace social media as a key sales channel They will find a route to creating great prospect relationships. Even before they pick up the phone, the sales person will often find that they have created interest from a prospect. That means sales people are in a...

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