A Game Made for Graphic Designers


Years ago last century when I was communications manager at a consumer electronics company, my boss used to call Charly Lemega “that gray designer” because he always managed to use 402 Gray in every job he designed for us. Then Charly outgrew his gray period and developed a fondness for 032 Red, which to him is the most wonderful red he’s ever seen. He didn’t use it on everything, but you knew he loved it. Now he is passionate about 123 Yellow. Never try to engage Charly in a discussion about using 035 Red instead of 032, or try to sneak it by him. He’ll know. The guy’s color perception is like a dog’s sense of hearing. Very keen and nuanced.

That brings me to “1000 Colours,” a CMYK color gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1,000 pieces. Each tile is an individual color and the object is to place each color exactly in relation to every other color in the game, The puzzle was created by Australian designer Clemens Habicht and co-produced with Lamington Drive Editions. Designers are likely to find this game educational and fun. The rest of us, arrrrgh!! But if you want to buy one, you can go to puzzle.lamingtondrive.com

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