Clients from Hell

As I continue to run this small, but nation-wide, marketing firm we get to experience all sorts of client mishaps. We find constant humor in the fact that many companies haven’t updated their marketing since Reagan was fighting the cold war, and come to us to help bring in younger consumers, since their current customers tend to be retirees.

After going through six weeks of writing drafts, making edits, and getting approvals, we were finally ready to start posting – only two weeks behind schedule. A few days after we started posting content to their channels, we get a frantic phone call:

Client: All of the Facebook posts you’ve made need to be deleted, immediately.

Me: OK, we’ll pull everything down now. What seems to be the problem? We thought everything had been approved.

Client: Yes, but we decided that the messaging was too off-brand. It sounds too “young,” and we think it might scare off our current customers.

Me: According to our documents, you’ve already approved and signed off on the entire campaign several weeks ago, we’ve already started running ads on Facebook and Twitter with this messaging.

Client: Those ads need to stop, too. Just because we’ve approved something doesn’t mean we’ve read it. From now on, you need to double-check everything we approve, to make sure it fits the brand outline we provided.

The project ended a few months later, when a higher-ranking manager at the client’s company contacted us to let us know that the person that hired us had failed to get approval to outsource social media before signing the contract.


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