10 Food Packaging Translations We DIDN’T Do

Translation packaging isn’t easy, especially food packaging – we should know because we have done our share of packaged products. These guys have got it so wrong its funny, but could you imagine your product on shelf saying something stupid in a different language? Nor could we, give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you.

For now… here are the top ten disasters we’ve seen this week. In no particular order…

Biscuit Anyone?

anyone fancy a buscuit?

Interesting Target Market

yum! soup for sluts

It says its a classic?


Peruvian Man Goo

man goo

Pass the Nachos!

dip dip dip

Fancy a cuppa? (erm, no thanks)

pee pee tea

Guaranteed fresh

dog, cats, anything

No idea what this is?


Are they nuts?

are they pork scratchings?

Last but not least

I think you can get a cream for that?


If these failures in design start to make you think about how seriously your business takes translation, maybe you should take a look at our retail packaging solutions for companies.   Click Here to find out more

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