Reality Sucks: It’s Hard to Be Green Even When Your Product Is Biodegradble

UmaThurman_small On average, my malti-doodle, Uma Thurman uses two doggy bags a day. As part of my resolution to be more eco-friendly in 2012, I decided to use biodegradable dog poo bags. It makes me feel like I’m doing my part for the environment in a very intentional way. And it reminds me daily of the need to be a good environmental citizen.

Greenbone2 Not only are the bags biodegradable but the dispenser was made from biodegradable alternative plastic. All great. The only problem is the “clam” packaging. It’s very non-biodegradable.

Whatsup with that?   According to Lewis Hamowy of Greenberry Eco Industries  trying to create eco-friendly packaging is a lot harder than creating eco-friendly products.

Hamowy says while he hates the “clams”, (those ridiculous plastic packaging nightmares that require either really good scissors or a paper cutter to open) there really isn’t an alternative out there, at this time.

Hamowy says that between pilfering(a nice word for stealing) and the general requirements for getting a product on the shelf, the company had no alternative than to use the non-environmentally friendly packaging.

Hamowy says the company is working on alternatives and hopes to have a new product launch by June.

Still, until I personally spoke with Hamowy, I was tempted to make a lot of fun of this company for packaging their eco-friendly poo bags in the despicable plastic clams. That’s why I think  they need to add a disclaimer on the packaging, giving a hat tip to the irony that a eco-friendly company is forced to use packaging that is not. They should also communicate to customers that they are working on a better packaging solution.

Just a thought.



Received an email from Hamowy with a prototype of a new design…that eliminates the plastic clam.
Doggy bags new packaging

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