What the Heck is Brandwidth?

Rob Evans, Founder of e3 image group



Keeping a company’s image fresh, consistent and targeted is the basic elements to any successful brand. E3 image group adopted the term “Brandwidth,” and has become the slogan in our goal with each client. But what the heck is Brandwidth? Simply put, Brandwidth is the blend of a company’s brand and the bandwidth needed to effectively reach a specific target.

The first step in creating Brandwidth is realizing that you need to tell a unique story. When people relate to a company’s story the commerce will surely follow.  Any successful brand inevitably starts with a strong personal connection.


b-recent-trends-in-storytellingIn fact, the future of branding relies much more on personal connections. Financial professionals typically speak about the market share of a company, while leaving out the strength of a brand. A company’s image is really more about mindshare — getting inside the minds of our prospects and customers. That is the way e3 creates a story for what’s possible. Every great book, movie, or story must be relatable.  How many times have you walked out of a movie thinking “what a ride” and “that is the story of my life!?”   The next time you go grocery shopping think about what made you buy a specific item.


Behind every person, behind every company, behind everything, there’s a story of how it got there. The most relevant stories connect on a personal level. Telling a unique story using the proper tools to pinpoint and draw customers to you is all about Brandwidth.

Brandwidth takes the customer on a journey on many levels and connects them.  It’s not just about blindly choosing those levels, but picking the exact tactics that are going to tell the unique story in the best way. It’s also about finding that customer where he or she wants to hangout, whether that be social media or traditional advertising.


atelier-storytelling-mobileIs the brand telling the right story and how is that story being told?  If you have the brand message without execution you are only talking internally. A company’s bandwidth is only as good as the audience on the receiving end.  Who is your audience, why is it your audience, and how is your brand perceived?  How do you modify and engage as markets, products, and needs of your customers change?   That’s the ultimate goal of “Brandwidth.”

Are you ready to tell an engaging story, and lead your customer on a journey?  E3 image group loves a good story. Let’s write a brand story that takes your business to the next level!



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