Please Unsubscribe Me: How Many Emails Are Too Many?

“Unsubscribe here” is probably the only CTA you are betting against your subscribers to click on. This CTA link is what every marketer’s nightmares are made of (including mine). Imagine you just paid over $300 to capture a super targeted lead through your paid campaigns, only to have that person opt-out after receiving your first couple of emails. CRAP!@!?E!%&! There are a number of reasons that might lead to someone clicking on the dreaded “Unsubscribe” link. Your email content might be boring, generic, un-personalized, or not optimized for mobile, to name a few. According to data from Chadwick Martin Bailey, however, the number one reason why people unsubscribe from an email list is over-communication—specifically, receiving more emails than they signed up for. So… how many emails are “too many”? Email send frequency is a juggling act that requires a delicate balance. Send too few emails and you risk leaving money on...

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Expanding Your Reach Online

Social media marketing is simple in one sense. Create content that adds value and then pop it out to as many people’s eyeballs as possible.That’s reach! If you do it well then the crowd shares and it travels around the world at the speed of a click. Get lucky and it goes viral and those thousands turn into millions. If you’re an avid user of social media platforms you already get it. So I’m not going to go down that road and lecture. But if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, here are some tips and tricks that can improve your social media reach.   Share useful content Probably the simplest and most basic step – but definitely one that you can’t escape – is the need to share useful content. If you want to expand your social media reach you have to be writing and sharing great...

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