Expanding Your Reach Online

Social media marketing is simple in one sense. Create content that adds value and then pop it out to as many people’s eyeballs as possible.That’s reach!

If you do it well then the crowd shares and it travels around the world at the speed of a click. Get lucky and it goes viral and those thousands turn into millions. If you’re an avid user of social media platforms you already get it. So I’m not going to go down that road and lecture.

But if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, here are some tips and tricks that can improve your social media reach.



  1. Share useful content

Probably the simplest and most basic step – but definitely one that you can’t escape – is the need to share useful content. If you want to expand your social media reach you have to be writing and sharing great articles, blog posts, tips and tricks that add value to your community constantly.

When people find that you are helping them solve their problems and adding value to their everyday lives, they are more likely to subscribe to your blog and follow you. , They might also share it with their followers and fans and talk about you in their blog.  Social profiles or blogs that are successful have one common similarity: each and every last one of them share valuable content for their readers.

Just as important, you need to be consistent. You can’t be writing or sharing one day and disappear for the next month or two. Consistency creates a tribe of people who remember you and remember to visit your social media platforms for updated content.



  1. Organize a social media contest

A social media contest is a great way to reward loyal followers, fans, or readers who have been following you for a while. It can be used to extend your social media reach too.

Social media contests can be used as a motivation for a new audience to share or connect their social media profile and emails. Social media contest platforms like Binkd not only come with an email-capture function, where visitors need to share contact information before joining a contest, but it also a share or tweet button to get people to send the contest to others.

Since your goal is to get as many new contacts as possible, Binkd has made it so that, for Facebook contests, participants will be motivated to refer some of their friends and family. That incentiveis another entry when someone they refer decides to enter your contest. This means that when more referred people join your contest, the more entries they earn. For Twitter contests, fans need to tweet in order to validate their entry helping your contest go viral and increase subscribers.


  1. Guest Post

Guest posts are an excellent way to expand your reach> It helps you to touch readers that you weren’t able to reach before by tapping into a new community.

GuestBloggingKeyMy metaphor for guest posting is like being invited to speak at a fully packed conference. Prior to the conference, not many people might know who you are or what you do. But after your talk, people will know about you and will most likely want to know more about you and your business.

Buffer is a great example of a startup that has used guest-posts to increase their reach, customers and sales. Guest-posts alone have helped them increase their customer base to over 100,000 people in a year!




  1. Learn how to maximize your marketing

Every social network has their own little ways to maximize your marketing. Each platform has their strengths and functionality, and one of the mistakes most people do is post the same exact set of messages to EVERY social network.

Why is this a huge mistake? Because every social network is optimized differently. For example, on Twitter people use hash tags to increase reach, but nobody uses hash tags when posting on Facebook.

On Facebook, pictures work well to attract attention and expand reach. But people tend to overlook this and decide that it’s all right to post tweets with hash tags and link it to their Facebook status. It just doesn’t work. The problem is they are posting the least effective type of content on Facebook.




  1. Join Twitter chats

A Twitter chat is a group discussion multiplied by 100! It’s a “chat” held during a particular time and day where Twitter users get together to discuss a particular topic and share their own ideas, tips, and thoughts using a particular hash tag. It’s also a great way to expand your social media reach and get noticed when not many people know who you are.

Following those who are on Twitter chats help you to follow relevant people in your market too. There are many Twitter chats available out there.




  1. Use infographics

Final_InfographicHere is a little secret that I learned on a recent social media webinar. It is none other than infographics! Using infographics to grow a blog will significantly expand your visitors.
The topic of the infographic has to be unique and relatable. It shouldn’t be too basic, as it won’t benefit the reader. Stats, facts and data are extremely important. How color affects purchases is an example of a great infographic. This infographic alone recently garnered over 10,000 social shares on a Kissmetrics blog.

Building your social media reach takes time and a strong commitment. You have to put in the hard work before you are able to reap the results but it is a small price to pay to be able to grow an amazing community behind you.





What do you think? What other methods have you used to expand your reach? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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