How to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

In our opinion growing your email list is the most important function of your website. By building your list and consistently connecting with your subscribers, you’ll increase your leads and sales.

Using social media to develop leads can be challenging. One of the complaints I often hear is, “I haven’t gotten any leads I can directly trace back to social media”. (That’s not true for me!) But for many, social media is used to create brand recognition.

You’ve already spent the time and energy on your social media accounts. Now how do you make the work you’ve done building your community work in your favor? How can you turn your social networks into lead generating machines?

Use social media to build your email list! I don’t just mean slap a subscription form up on your Facebook page, cross your fingers, hope someone actually goes to your page, then actually sees the subscription form and uses it.

Here are tried and true strategies for the top 5 social networks:






The most reliable way to get consistent subscriptions from Facebook is to run a lead generation ad for email list subscribers.

It’s not just throwing up an ad and sitting back to count the subscriptions flowing in. You’ll need to optimize your ad copy and image to lure those sign-ups. More often than not this will mean offering your audience something they will value in exchange for their email address … a coupon, an ebook with how to’s, an educational webinar or a discount.

The great thing about Facebook ads is the ability to find your target market easily.






Twitter Lead Generation Cards are slick! Earlier this evening I came across another firm using a card. While the offer wasn’t especially engaging, the question in the tweet was. So that caught our eye, and we subscribed to the company list. Plus the company knows their stuff!

The impressive thing was that we didn’t even have to type in an email address. Twitter had prefilled it with the email address used for Twitter.

Need help to build a Twitter Card? MailChimp tells you how it works and walks you through creating and integrating your card into MailChimp







We love LinkedIn for leads. It’s our favorite social network because of the frequency of the leads I receive from it. But they really don’t make it easy to place a subscription form on your profile.

You can always buy ads to build your list, but here are a couple of free ways to build your list also.

If you use the LinkedIn publishing platform, add a call to action with your free irresistible opt-in and a text link to your email form. Embedded forms capture subscribers. When a viewer reads your article all the way through they’re much more likely to sign-up for more education and expertise articles.

Leverage the LinkedIn groups you’re actively participating in. When group members recognize you as an expert and a resource, they’re eager to hear from you. Clearly identify a pain point for a group, create a lead magnet (free irresistible offer) especially for the pain point and offer your lead magnet to the group. You’ll help them solve a problem, and in exchange, you’ll receive the email address from a very interested subscriber.







Again we’re going to use your free irresistible offer and a landing page. Add a call to action for your free irresistible offer to your bio page and send people directly to your opt-in landing page.





We love us some Pinterest!!! We have all used Pinterest for madly pinning garden, decor, and color ideas, but that’s only scratching the surface of Pinterests value to businesses.

There are 2 ways we have helped our clients grow their lists on Pinterest.

  1. We have built an opt-in landing page for their free irresistible offer. Created a stunning Pinterest optimized image for the landing page, and pinned the landing page image.
  2. We have used the opt-in landing page for their free lead magnet. Then searched their Pinterest posts for the top ones hitting the same pain points as the free lead magnet. We then embedded the free lead magnet offer into the blog post page of the top Pinterest pins. This has proven to be a very valuable strategy and has added a good amount of subscribers in a short time period.

A simple way to track where a subscription is coming from is to use a unique landing page for each network.


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