Cam Caddie

Communicating Fashion Through Digital

In 2011, Daniel McElderry, Founder and President of Cam Caddie, met e3 image group at the WestPak conference. After speaking with Rob Evans for three hours, Daniel was convinced he had met the right partner to help take his Cam Caddie Universal Stabilizing Camera Handle into major retail markets.

Cross-Platform Design & Development

After meeting with Daniel, our team worked on a strategy to develop a brand that made the skateboarding, snowboarding, and extreme-sport crowd to take notice of the product. This was achieved through product packaging that told a story and quickly caught the eyes of the target audience. The package was also functional to hold all accessories across the multiple versions of the Cam Caddie. The e3 team worked to develop a strategy that would increase the brand, decrease shipping costs, and ensure that it was fully functional in any retail sales environment.

Brand Consistency & Market Research

The packaging was developed using a three-tier approach of basic to premium brands. On the packaging itself e3 made it possible to add all accessories in a pocket securely. The product could fit perfectly in place to double up the number of units per box without changing the shipping method. The time to fulfill an order was nearly 50% quicker. The highly impactful design produced reorders.Plus, new product development opportunities were developedthat allowed the core of the company to grow smoothly.

Ongoing innovation

The increased exposure, sales, and branding that the packaging, online and trade show efforts produced significant results. Cam Caddie is now a highly sought after endorsement firm for professional athletes within the extreme sport industries.

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