How to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

In our opinion growing your email list is the most important function of your website. By building your list and consistently connecting with your subscribers, you’ll increase your leads and sales. Using social media to develop leads can be challenging. One of the complaints I often hear is, “I haven’t gotten any leads I can directly trace back to social media”. (That’s not true for me!) But for many, social media is used to create brand recognition. You’ve already spent the time and energy on your social media accounts. Now how do you make the work you’ve done building your community work in your favor? How can you turn your social networks into lead generating machines? Use social media to build your email list! I don’t just mean slap a subscription form up on your Facebook page, cross your fingers, hope someone actually goes to your page, then...

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The Evolution of Marketing

Marketing as a recognized profession has a brief, yet significant history, stemming from a company's need to set itself apart in a crowded marketplace. Fascinated with the events that led up to what we know today, here's a post that I've been wanting to write ever since that Marketing 101 course in college...

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Five Types of Logos to Consider For Your Brand

  There is nothing as immediate as a logo. Your logo is your stamp on the world, a visual symbol chock-full of meaning that can, in an instant, reveal to your customers the authentic essence of your brand. In this sense your logo is the proverbial tip of your brand iceberg, a small but revelatory reflection of the dense complexity of what lies beneath.   How can you pack so much significance into a graphic representation that must be scalable from billboards to business cards in size? You start by doing your homework. Logos aren’t the product of whimsical Imagineering sessions by third-party designers. They’re informed by brand research, and driven by strategy and positioning. Even the simplest logo is borne from meticulous efforts to distill a brand’s core tenets. Characterized by symbolic and archetypal imagery, your logo should be inspired by insights gleaned from the brand strategy...

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