Five Types of Logos to Consider For Your Brand

  There is nothing as immediate as a logo. Your logo is your stamp on the world, a visual symbol chock-full of meaning that can, in an instant, reveal to your customers the authentic essence of your brand. In this sense your logo is the proverbial tip of your brand iceberg, a small but revelatory reflection of the dense complexity of what lies beneath.   How can you pack so much significance into a graphic representation that must be scalable from billboards to business cards in size? You start by doing your homework. Logos aren’t the product of whimsical Imagineering sessions by third-party designers. They’re informed by brand research, and driven by strategy and positioning. Even the simplest logo is borne from meticulous efforts to distill a brand’s core tenets. Characterized by symbolic and archetypal imagery, your logo should be inspired by insights gleaned from the brand strategy...

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Print Marketing still has Key advantages

Tips for advertising with Print. Put down your phones, stop tweeting and sharing for a moment, and let us talk about traditional marketing. Print marketing may have taken a hit with all the advancements of smart phones, tablets, and the internet, but it has proven through the years that it is still effective and continuously relevant. Even now, millions of postcards, flyers, business cards, are still in circulation all over the world and bringing business to mega corporations and small businesses alike, and it doesn’t take much to realize that print is still a very valuable marketing tool. All you need is an understanding of how modern marketing operates as well as a few simple tips. Know all your options. Take out a pen and piece of paper and try to list down all of the different printed materials that you know of. Billboards, newspapers, posters, inserts, magazine,...

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15 Classic Marketing Fails

Most of the team here at E3 Image Group is obsessed with the Tosh.O show.  Detailing epic fails someone captured on video.  So, in the spirit of good fun and smh at how some companies approve things for the masses. Today’s categories: Genius or Fail? When marketing fails are so horrible, you wonder if marketers did it on purpose. And if they did, does the phrase “Any publicity is good publicity” really ring true? Grammar & Spelling Fails. I am no Grammar Nazi, but when something is representing your brand or marketing your product, please, please remember to double check your work. Ad Placement Fails: When one ad meets another and causes chaos. When Marketers pay good money and then editors screw it up. Miscellaneous Marketing Fails: These can’t be categorized – except maybe with the word WRONG. Genius or Fail? She takes a what, where? These marketers clearly did this on purpose....

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Top Reasons to Align with the Right Marketing Partner

With the rapid pace and competitive nature of today's work place it's important to align your business needs with the right partners. The goal is a synergy within your companies branding or "brandwidth" as we declare. Experiencing the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors seems to be an evolving process that ends up costing companies needlessly to get the perfect continuity that represents your company. Let E3 Image group take a proactive approach to reaching your marketing goals. With that being said here are the top 4 reasons - in no particular order - that E3 Image Group is the right Business Partner to align your company with. #1 Marketing E3 takes an outcome-based approach to your needs by working back from the results you desire. We group our capabilities around areas of expertise that help you reach very specific goals. #2 Design For over 6 years our firm has developed...

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Introducing 24-Hour Emergency Design!

E3 Image Group has been providing award winning creative design within Southern California since 2009.  We understand the time and resources involved in simply . E3 continues to expand it's brandwidth and value-added services within the creative design field.  So, with an overwhelming request we are excited to launch our new E3 Image Group Express design services. Are you tasked with updating the companies current marketing collateral, but don't have the time or resources to complete within the needed time frame?  Let E3 Image Group ensure all marketing collateral remains in line with your premium brand image without the overpriced cost of the top creative design firms. Contact one of our account managers to learn more @ 949-429-4488....

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A Game Made for Graphic Designers

Years ago last century when I was communications manager at a consumer electronics company, my boss used to call Charly Lemega “that gray designer” because he always managed to use 402 Gray in every job he designed for us. Then Charly outgrew his gray period and developed a fondness for 032 Red, which to him is the most wonderful red he’s ever seen. He didn’t use it on everything, but you knew he loved it. Now he is passionate about 123 Yellow. Never try to engage Charly in a discussion about using 035 Red instead of 032, or try to sneak it by him. He’ll know. The guy’s color perception is like a dog’s sense of hearing. Very keen and nuanced. That brings me to “1000 Colours,” a CMYK color gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1,000 pieces. Each tile is an individual color and the object is...

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