Branded Content: The Importance of Sustaining Your Voice

Thumb through your high school yearbook and the most consistent message you're likely to see is scribbled in the margins is, "Don't Change." Throughout our lives, we are reminded to "Be true to ourselves," "Don't forget where we came from," and to just "Be ourselves." Smash cut to freshman year of college. You've grown a beard, denounced your hometown, and written off 99% of your high school friends.     Change is a part of life--people are dynamic by nature. We evolve, for better or worse. The very idea of change often serves as the barometer for how far we've strayed from that high school self we remember, but no longer clearly identify with. No matter how far we stray from that bygone persona, we rarely leave behind many of the natural tendencies that define who we are. The punk rock hair you sported for your Sweet 16 has...

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Where Does Social Media Fit Into Your Business Plan?

Where Does Social Media Fit Into Your Business Plan?   What originally started as college kids on Facebook has now grown up. At first it was simply updates and gossip about who is a couple and who’s not. Then came Twitter, and now Google+. LinkedIn, which started years earlier, was there too. Somewhere along the way all of these platforms became simply known as social media. And, now almost every business in the world is either participating, thinking about participating, or explaining to itself why not. And it’s time to relate that back to your basic business planning.   So the real question is actually three questions:     How does your social media strategy fit into business strategy?   Like all elements of strategy, your social media has to address needs and goals. Are you looking at it to affect marketing, sales, customer service, or something else? You need to think this...

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Please Unsubscribe Me: How Many Emails Are Too Many?

“Unsubscribe here” is probably the only CTA you are betting against your subscribers to click on. This CTA link is what every marketer’s nightmares are made of (including mine). Imagine you just paid over $300 to capture a super targeted lead through your paid campaigns, only to have that person opt-out after receiving your first couple of emails. CRAP!@!?E!%&! There are a number of reasons that might lead to someone clicking on the dreaded “Unsubscribe” link. Your email content might be boring, generic, un-personalized, or not optimized for mobile, to name a few. According to data from Chadwick Martin Bailey, however, the number one reason why people unsubscribe from an email list is over-communication—specifically, receiving more emails than they signed up for. So… how many emails are “too many”? Email send frequency is a juggling act that requires a delicate balance. Send too few emails and you risk leaving money on...

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